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What is Eggless Cake

"How to make a cake without eggs?" "How does eggless cake taste?" "Is it really delicious?"   Regarding your doubts about eggless cakes, let us answer today!   奶素者、对鸡蛋敏感的人在寻找的无蛋蛋糕就在这里!   “没有鸡蛋怎么制作蛋糕呢?”  “无蛋蛋糕的味道如何?”  “真的好吃吗?” 关于你对无蛋蛋糕的疑惑,今天就让我们来解答!     Eggs act as a binding agent for dry materials in the cake. At the same time, it also expands the cake, providing moisture and preventing the cake from being too dry or having a bad taste. However, you can still make cakes without eggs!  ✔️ Non-sticky, low sugar, low oil ✔️ After eating, easy to digest ✔️ More natural and healthy, lower calories   No longer worry about not finding eggless cakes! 💫 Our Pastry Chef has more than 8 years of baking experience 💫 Eggless cakes with up to 10 flavors 💫 Over 200 cakes sold in 2 weeks   鸡蛋,在蛋糕里扮演干性材料的结合剂,同时它也是使蛋糕膨胀的角色,提供水分、让蛋糕不会过于干,或者口感不好。但是,没有鸡蛋依旧可以制作蛋糕!我们使用素蛋粉代替鸡蛋,制作出来的蛋糕口感与平几乎没有任何差别。   ✔️ 不粘腻、低糖、低油 ✔️ 吃了以后肠胃没有厚重感,好消化,热量低 ✔️ 更加天然健康,卡路里更低   vburg无蛋蛋糕值得一试的特色: 💫 蛋糕师傅拥有8年以上的烘焙经验 💫 多达 10 种口味的无蛋蛋糕 💫 2 星期突破 200 粒蛋糕销量

What is Kombucha

  Today we are going to recommend two types of healthy European breads from vburg —— 【 Kombucha Apricot Cheddar Cheese Sourdough 】and 【 Kombucha Raisin Walnut Loaf 】   Eh… Do you know what Kombucha is? It is a natural fermented drink and one of the most popular healthy drinks nowadays 😍 Apart from drinking kombucha directly, do you know the other uses of Kombucha?   We soaked the dried apricots and raisins in our homemade kombucha for 12 hours, after the dried fruits fully absorb the rich vitamins of Kombucha, then add the super nutritious dried fruit to our sourdough and mix together. Sourdough bread with natural yeast makes our European bread more unique! 🤩   为大家推荐vburg 健康欧包 ——  【 康普茶杏桃乳酪黑裸麦 】及【 康普茶葡萄核桃 】   我们将杏桃和葡萄果干浸泡在康普茶长达 12 小时,让果干们充分吸收康普茶丰富的维生素后,便加入面团里一起搅拌结合制作,有天然酵母的欧包更具 vburg 独家特色!    Kombucha Apricot Cheddar Cheese Sourdough   康普茶杏桃乳酪黑裸麦   Kombucha Raisin Walnut Loaf 康普茶葡萄核桃   After introducing the healthy European breads from vburg Next, let’s learn about the benefits of Kombucha! Kombucha is made from fermented tea mixed with yeast.   ✅ Promote the digestive system, strengthen the gastrointestinal function, and help the body detoxify ✅ After increasing the metabolic rate, it can reduce fat and weight ✅ Antioxidant effect, can keep youth and beauty ✅ Enhance immunity, help to treat with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, etc., and prevent cancer   vburg bread with natural, ❌ preservatives, ❌ stabilizers, and ❌ modifiers. You are welcome to give it a try!   那你知道康普茶 (Kombucha) 是什么吗? 康普茶 (Kombucha) 是由茶混合酵母菌的发酵茶一起发酵而成的, 一款带汽的天然发酵饮品,也是时下最流行的健康饮料之一。   ✅ 促进消化系统,强健肠胃,帮助人体排毒  ✅ 提高新陈代谢率,助于消脂减重 ✅ 抗氧化的作用,保持青春美丽 ✅ 增强免疫力,可治疗慢性疾病,预防癌症   纯天然❌ 防腐剂❌ 稳定剂❌ 改良剂的欧式面包,非常欢迎你们试一试!    

What is Sourdough?

What is Sourdough ? Sourdough (Leaven) – The basic building block of bread baking, known for its signature tartness ranging from mild to strong, crispy crust and chewy texture.  It is believed to be originated from Egypt and discovered several thousand years ago, sourdough is as much art as science which makes it a treasured part of many bakers around the world. Since wild yeast is present in all flour and basically everywhere, it is relatively adaptive to whatever environment it is in. Thus, a sourdough starter or Levain does not need any fancy ingredients, just flour, and water! Nature then plays its role over time, the flour and water mixture takes on the wild yeasts and ferments under low temperature (it loves cold temperature!), you will then have a bubbly mixture that contains enough leaven (yeast) to make your bread rise, pretty amazing, right?      Once the sourdough starter begins to ferment, it grows, and must be fed regularly with more flour and water in order to keep it alive and “happy”. Some bakers keep their starter alive for decades or even hundreds of years. For us, different types of flour are used to create a variety of bread, ranging from toast and baguettes to, yes, a sourdough loaf.    Don’t be fooled by its slightly sour taste because it is amazingly delicious. In fact, the sourness comes from similar bacteria (friendly Lactobacillus) found in yogurt which comes from the fermented mixture. So, why bother about the sourness? It is an interesting taste that makes it a healthier choice for all walks of life.   Speaking of sourdough, ours is almost about 4 years old.