"How to make a cake without eggs?" "How does eggless cake taste?" "Is it really delicious?"
Regarding your doubts about eggless cakes, let us answer today!
Eggs act as a binding agent for dry materials in the cake. At the same time, it also expands the cake, providing moisture and preventing the cake from being too dry or having a bad taste. However, you can still make cakes without eggs! 
✔️ Non-sticky, low sugar, low oil
✔️ After eating, easy to digest
✔️ More natural and healthy, lower calories
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✔️ 不粘腻、低糖、低油
✔️ 吃了以后肠胃没有厚重感,好消化,热量低
✔️ 更加天然健康,卡路里更低
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