From order to deliver, 3 DAYS! Too long for just a bread?! Let us tell you why!


We use mainly sourdough! Sourdough! SOURDOUGH! Sourdough is made from natural yeast NOT commercial yeast which requires long fermentation under low temperature.

What makes it so special? While the yeast is certainly the star of this show, it can’t be without some friendly bacteria, Lactobacilli.

Yes! Those in yogurt which helps to feed the good bacteria found in your digestive system so they can continue to fight off the bad guys.



Generally, the preparation of sourdough begins with a fermented mixture of yeast, flour, and water to form a starter to produce a vigorous leaven that develops the flavor of the bread.

With sufficient time, optimum temperature, and refreshments with fresh flour for several days, as it ferments, the mixture develops a stable culture.

The starter will then mix with flour and water to make the final dough. Here is why you need to wait for 3 days and it is worth it for you to wait for it!